Johanne's dedication, passion, and infinite energy are what unite the people around her. She always makes time to give back to our West Island Community.


  • Dedicated mom 

  • Experienced business owner 

  • Sports coach

  • Community activist

  • A natural-born leader

  • Pet Parent to Marlo, the family dog     

Your choice for a unifying, energetic and collaborative community leader. 

Because we want harmony, transparency, and consistency.

Johanne Hudon-Armstrong, Mayoral candidate for Beaconsfield

Vision For Our City


Create platforms for citizen participation, which stimulates and strengthens living together harmoniously, and, improves the quality of life of our community while creating a common vision of the future.


Continue to create flexible public green spaces for families, seniors and young people. Review the safety of our streets and parks.

Lead by example with environmental sustainability.


We will be respectful,  innovative and transparent, in all our infrastructures (from projects, policies, finances, etc.). Governance that learns and will adapt dynamically.